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Lifejacket Servicing

It is essential that lifejackets are serviced annually and for the majority of our customers we arrange for lifejackets to be uplifted at the end of the fishing season and returned in readiness for opening day.

Where lifejackets require to be serviced during the fishing season we can generally supply replacements to ensure that safety is not compromised.

Lifejacket servicing includes the following:

  • Visual check for damage
  • Cover – inspect and clean
  • Buoyancy chamber tested at 100mb for 16 hours
  • Full CO2 gas flow and automatic unit check including piercing test
  • Check and weigh CO2 cylinder
  • Oral inflation valve check
  • Whistle and light (where fitted) check
  • Change automatic inflation capsule
  • Change all gaskets, refit unit and CO2 cylinder
  • Check unit correctly torqued
  • Check belts and buckles

Repairs are undertaken as required.

Please note: Lifejackets are submitted for servicing at the owner’s risk. In the event that a lifejacket fails inspection and testing it will be destroyed and will not be returned.